Devant Autumn Update

September 2021 was a big month for Devant,as the company officially turned 18!Back in 2003 when Tiffany founded the business, her vision was to provide practical and pragmatic commercial contract support to small and medium-sized businesses. Having seen the way many such businesses were disadvantaged in their negotiations with large…

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GDPR Roundup

As many of you might now already know, the last few months have seen a few updates to the GDPR landscape, both at home and in the EU. Good news though - the UK is adequate!Good news, everybody!On the 28th of June 2021, the European Commission officially adopted an adequacy…

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Brexit Trade Cooperation Agreement. What You Need To Know.

Following long and drawn-out negotiations between the UK and the EU, a deal was finally struck on the 24 December 2020 that governs trade between the two sides worth more than £650bn. The agreement will inevitably evolve during its implementation, but it’s an important step in laying the foundations for our future relationship with our European counterparts.

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