Meet the team – Jess

Meet the team - Jess Aldridge This time on 'Meet The Team', we'd like to introduce Jess Aldridge, Devant's Information and Knowledge Manager. Over the years, the company has amassed a large collection of knowledge related to our expertise - detailed information, data, best practices and specialised documentation. Jess organises…

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Congratulations Emma!
Suzanne, Devant's Operations Director and Tiffany, CEO with the brand new Mrs. Atkins!

Congratulations Emma!

Congratulations to Emma! Congratulations to Emma and Tim!Devant's senior consultant Emma Godfrey tied the knot with Tim on Friday at beautiful Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire.Well done Emma and Tim! All at Devant send our best wishes to you both for a long and happy marriage! Suzanne, Devant's Operations Director and Tiffany, CEO…

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Why we avoid litigation

Why we avoid litigation A well respected motoring journalist and seasoned racer borrowed a famous classic racing car for a magazine test on essentially the “you bend it, you mend it” basis, for a nominal payment. He missed 3rd gear (apparently despite warnings) and over-revving caused £40,000 of damage to…

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Last Minute Contract Changes

Last Minute Contract Changes Why you must take time to carefully consider any last minute contract changes in negotiations. Formula 1 Contracts in the News.You may have heard in the news or on social media about the Driver Contract drama over racing driver Oscar Piastri currently playing out in the early…

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