GYDA Member Benefits

Welcome to Devant + GYDA Member Benefits Programme!

We are delighted to partner with our friends at GYDA and offer you a fabulous deal on our contract, negotiation and business management advice service. Take advantage of a fabulous 75% discount for as long as you’re a member of the  Devant Inner Circle. This offer is not available anywhere else.

As a member you can book a call with one of our experienced consultants to discuss anything at all. Cancel at anytime. 

What you get with the Devant Inner Circle

  • Video calls (up to 20 per month!) with a qualified commercial contracts expert, for quick, insightful advice on your current issues.
  • Calls recorded and auto transcribed for your reference (optional).
  • Want to bring a colleague in on the call? No problem at all.
  • Discounted rates for any project work that arises as a result of your call.
  • Priority access to specialist help for drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and the full range of Devant services.
  • A one off £100 credit against any project work you’d like us to complete.

75% discount for GYDA members only until the 30th of November 2023

Please email Suzanne for your discount code and head over to the Inner Circle page to sign up.

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