Meet the Team - Roberta Savino

candid photo of Roberta Savino

Joining Devant was the best decision I could have made and I love every minute of my work! I’ve found that the company cares equally about its clients and employees. There has been a lot to learn, obviously about our clients and the ups and downs of running their companies but also in the specialised commercial and legal knowledge that applies to them.  The Devant corporate values resonate with me, especially the principle of challenging (if a friendly way!) our clients about the best way of reaching their objectives.

My First Year at Devant.

Candid photo of Roberta laughing
I joined Devant in November 2021 after working at two law firms in central London. One of the main reasons I was interested in Devant was because they had adopted a fully remote working model. This piqued my curiosity because for a company to make a decision like this, it must be very agile, connected to the world and be confident and trusting of its team!

After learning more about their expertise in contract negotiation, preparation and management as well as their M&A activities, I thought that this would be ‘the’ opportunity for me to change pace and dive into more specialised areas of legal work which would in turn take my expertise to a higher level.

My work in Italy

I have been a lawyer and an expert in litigation and alternative dispute resolution in Italy for many years. Devant makes me feel that my experience is a benefit and something worthwhile that can help our clients. Right now, I am assisting a large company in negotiating a cloud service contract under Italian law with the Italian sister company of a leader and globally known food supplier.

Not all of my work is connected with Italy of course as I work mainly for UK and US Companies. With Devant my written and spoken English has improved dramatically in the time I have been with the company.

Late last year, it was exciting for me to support a US-UK service provider in setting up their new entity in the US. This was to prepare them for for a phase of high value IT contracts. It was challenging but utterly satisfying and I also had the opportunity to practice my Spanish a bit!

My Valued Clients

My clients are mainly software, marketing and IT professional services providers. Many of these offer niche products and services that involve intellectual property and data protection law issues. I particularly enjoy the role of ‘in-house lawyer’ to these companies and being on hand to assist on their way to increasing their profits and ensuring their business relationships improve.