Buying and Selling Companies | M&A

Time to reap the rewards of your hard work

Thinking of selling your business?

Whether you already have a buyer lined up or are just starting to consider your exit, the Devant team will help you navigate the journey safely.

We understand that selling your business is daunting. As one of the most important deals you will make in your life, you want to know you’re doing the right thing – and that you’re in safe hands. Devant has been supporting owner-managers in selling businesses since 2010.

Our experienced commercial specialists have managed company sales of all sizes – from £100k to many £millions – and in many shapes (from simple share and asset sales, to de-mergers, management buy-outs, buy-ins and beyond!).

While getting the best price is vital, there’s more to selling your business. When you’re making big decisions that will affect many lives, it’s good to have a trusted partner you can lean on. We’re here to listen, advise and support, ensuring you cross the finish line in great shape to celebrate.

What will you need, when selling your business?

Our consultants understand what makes a transaction successful and have the experience, resources and expertise to do a great job for you. This includes:

  • Pre-Due-Diligence, to get you in good shape for a sale.
  • Reviewing and negotiating the Share Purchase Agreement
  • Preparing, populating and managing the data room
  • Responding to warranties and preparing disclosure letter
  • Helping to manage the shareholder base
  • Negotiating the deal and managing through to completion

Looking to buy?

Buying another business can be a short-cut to fast growth or the riskiest gamble you’ll ever make. Whether you’re seeking to expand your product or service portfolio, increase your market share, consolidate your supply chain, or diversify, being clear about your objectives is key.

The process of buying a business (through shares or assets) is only the beginning. The Devant team will work with you to structure and negotiate a transaction that sets you up for long term success.

What will you need, when buying a business?
You want to know what you’re buying, what risks you’re taking on, and how to maximise the potential up-sides. Devant’s consultants will support you in securing the deal you want, including:

  • Legal due diligence
  • Structuring a deal to deliver against your long-term objectives
  • Preparing SPA/investment agreements/other purchase documentation
  • Reviewing disclosures and negotiating warranties and indemnities
  • Negotiating the deal and managing through to completion
  • Preparing and filing Companies House documents
  • Post-acquisition integration support, such as contract novations, process integration, terms alignment etc.
“Last year, we were approached by a large US company that was interested in buying All In Media (AIM), the company we started in 2007. Devant had been supporting us with contractual advice for several years, so we approached them about helping with the company sale. The deal was complicated by the size of the buyer and the fact that we were dealing with UK and US lawyers.

Devant rose to the challenge and helped guide us through the various complexities to completion of the deal. Although Devant is a small firm, Tiffany and Janine helped us reach a successful completion, and were available to us at all sorts of odd hours that are sometimes necessary during deal negotiations. We’re now over 6 months into our new life as part of a US corporate group. We’d wholeheartedly recommend Devant to any business, both for their day to day contract support, helping companies prepare for sale and in conducting the sale itself.”
Chris Gould and Jason Malaure
All In Media Limited