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Commercial Strategy

We help you create a solid commercial environment that gives you the security to grow

How do we do that?

1. An in-depth, forensic commercial audit will allow us to discover opportunities for improvement, highlight loopholes in your supplier/customer paperwork (from POs and contracts to change control) and your corporate structure (like shareholder agreements and corporate governance).

2. We’ll then be in the perfect position to help you maximise your profit and reduce your commercial risk.

3. Over the months to come, we’ll create and negotiate agreements to address risk areas, and implement processes, tools and training to strengthen your infrastructure, setting you up for commercial success.

Raising capital?

Establishing a distribution network?

Outsourcing manufacturing?

Changing your delivery model?

We create agreements, tools and processes that drive your business forward.

Minimise risk. Maximise opportunity. Sleep at night.

We’re not about eliminating risk – on the contrary, we believe that it’s a vital component of growing your business.

What we are about is helping you choose risk intelligently, and setting you up to implement those risky strategies in a way that will dramatically increase your chances of success.

And, of course, minimise the downside if things don’t go according to plan.

“We’re really glad we invested in this process, and chose Devant to help us build even better relationships with our customers.”
Kester Harvey
The Rooflight Company