Contract Drafting and Review

Creating contracts that work

Contract Drafting

You may be starting out in business, creating a new product or service, or just feel that your terms need a refresh. Perhaps you’ve been struggling to get others to sign your terms, and feel they should be more equitable. Or maybe you’ve been let down by your existing agreements, when a deal went sour and you were left with no recourse.

Devant knows that every business is unique, and innovative businesses need terms that reflect how they work. Using our extensive business experience, we’ll ask questions to figure out how you do what you do, what makes a deal successful and where things are most likely to go wrong.

Then we’ll create clear, easy to understand, bespoke terms that reflect your brand personality and business values.

Let your terms be a valuable contributor to your sales process, locking-in value to each relationship.

Contract Review

When you’re sent a contract by a client, supplier or business associate, you want to know if it’s ‘safe’ to sign as it is, or whether there’s a better option.

We help you choose the appropriate level of review to give you the information and security you need, without costing the earth.

You might want a ‘quick and dirty’ once-over, to tell you whether it’s worth pursuing an opportunity. Or, if you’re committed to doing a deal, you might want a detailed review and mark-up that forms the starting point for negotiations. With very complex, high-risk deals, a formal Issues Register will help you quantify and prioritise risks and opportunities. It acts as a baseline for negotiations that helps you track progress and manage trade-offs.

In each case, we ask questions to understand the context and your objectives, so that we give you exactly the information you need, to support your decision making and manage your risks.

“They are helpful, proactive and friendly. They are specialists who give good advice with a fast response.”