Devant Inner Circle

On-call commercial and contracting advice for a low monthly payment

Quick, cost-effective expert commercial advice when you need it.

Now you don’t need to choose between making fast decisions, and making informed decisions.

Is that order legally binding? Are you risking litigation if you ignore this clause? Can your client use ‘force majeure’ to get out of your contract? No need for guesswork – the Devant Inner Circle gives you the insight you need to make critical business decisions.

Devant – putting you in front, so you only take the risks you choose.

What you get with the Devant Inner Circle

Video calls (up to 20 per month!) with a qualified commercial contracts expert, for quick, insightful advice on your current issues.

Calls recorded and auto transcribed for your reference (optional).

Want to bring a colleague in on the call? No problem at all.

Exclusive webinars for Inner Circle members on popular commercial and contracts topics. All archived for future reference.

Discounted rates for any project work that arises as a result of your call.

Priority access to specialist help for drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and the full range of Devant services.

A one off £100 credit against any project work you’d like us to complete.

list of inner circle features
“Devant provide a high-quality service, are responsive and give professional feedback quickly and efficiently.”


£195+VAT per month.

One month. Cancel anytime.

Anything you like that can be discussed in a 20 minute video call! This could be:

  • a query about the meaning, effect or enforceability of a contract term
  • advice about how to deal with a potential dispute
  • guidance with planned or ongoing negotiations
  • a check-in call to discuss any project work we’re doing for you
  • suggestions on drafting an important email (you can share your screen and we can work on it together!)
  • questions about a contract we’ve drafted for you, for example when a customer reviews your terms and you need help responding to their feedback

Here are the terms and conditions for the Devant Inner Circle.

If after your first call you don’t feel you’ve received anything of value, simply let us know and we’ll refund any monies paid.

Easy! Book your slot in the online calendar for a 20 minute clinic session with a commercial consultant.




We’ll confirm your details and send the Terms and Conditions for you to e-sign


You’ll receive a private link to book your Inner Circle calls!

Join now, cancel anytime.

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